If you had a magic wand and could make one wish, what would you wish for?

Take a moment to really think about this.

You might say, “I want to be happy” or “Have more money.” You may wish for better health, to find love. You may want to have greater success with your business – it doesn’t really matter what you wish for, what does matter is how you feel about having it.

Feelings are powerful and they play a vital role in our ability to create the life we wish for.

In my twenty plus years experience as a hypnotherapist and EFT Tapping practitioner, the one thing that crops up time and again is whether we believe we are worthy of having the life we truly want to have, to do the things we want to do and become the person we would really like to be.

We look at other people who ‘have it’ or who are ‘doing it’ and think, “Why them and not me?”

And then, we tell ourselves a story… and we justify why we cannot have, do and be the things we (often secretly) wish for.

But what if you could finally get to the bottom of what is holding you back, end the frustration the confusion and the exhaustion and finally break free from those old limiting beliefs?

Thought patterns, habits and limiting beliefs…

When you get up in the morning, what’s the first thing you do? I would bet that you do that same thing every day… and then you do a series of things in much the same order. So tomorrow just for fun, try and do those things in a different order and even miss out one or two of them.

Try putting your shoes on differently, the left shoe first instead of the right or whatever way round you normally do it. Become aware of how automatically you do things in same order and in the same way. Chances are if you attempt to mix things up you will feel most odd doing so and you’ll quickly revert back to the same old pattern and routine.

You see, you not only physically do things the same way, you also mentally think in the same way. You are so familiar with these habits that you don’t even know you are doing them and that’s the way we operate most of the time.

Your brain is amazing that it does so much for you automatically. It would be chaotic to have to consciously think about what you are doing and would drive you crazy. Yet when it comes to creating a better life for yourself, this automatic and unconscious process can actually work against you.

When you don’t know what it is that you do that prevents you from achieving your goals, it’s because you cannot see your own ‘blind spots’.

So whether it’s to lose weight, find love, start a business, have better health, make more money, you name it, and you haven’t achieved it yet, then you need to address your blind spots or unconscious habits that cause you to keep repeating the same behaviour over and over and over again, that don’t lead to the results you desire.

Behind those blind spots are your limiting beliefs and emotions that drive your patterns of behaviour.

Where do beliefs come from?

rise and improvement conceptThe beliefs we hold as being true for us (and a belief is only a thought you keep thinking enough that it becomes a truth for you) are formed while growing up.

They’re often established very early on but sometimes in our teens as well, come from our experiences some of which may have some degree of trauma attached to them.

Beliefs from our parents, caregivers, teachers, our peers and even society’s beliefs we may take on as our own. Religious groups for instance will have very strong beliefs that are passed down through the generations.

So it is us who decides how we make sense of those experiences, what they mean to us and importantly, how we should operate in the future so as to avoid any pitfalls and primarily, to stay safe.

However much of this ‘processing’ from experience to belief is unconscious. The meanings we derive from them while growing up become rooted in the neural pathways of our brain, attaching powerful emotions (feelings) that override any unconscious desire to think and act differently. Hence ‘will-power’ is often futile against those unconscious beliefs.

It’s just worth mentioning that many beliefs you have serve you well and this is important to acknowledge, and t is a question whether you use them to your advantage or whether they are detrimental to your success.

The key to changing limiting beliefs and patterns that hold you back:

It is often just the little adjustments that will make for big turnarounds in your life.

When you understand how your mind operates you hold the key to never allowing any unlimiting belief hold you back from your desires ever again. Changes are not just temporary, they’re permanent because when you learn something that changes the paradigm of your belief, you cannot unlearn it, so the mind has to make a shift and that’s awesome!

Coming soon – a free download with the key to empowering your mind!

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